Preserving nut milk


    Have you ever noticed how nut milk can go off after a few days in the fridge? If you haven't experienced this, let me assure you that it is utterly heartbreaking to be throwing out home-made nut milk when you have spent time and effort putting it together. 

    This is an easy way to preserve nut milk for a longer period of time, so that you can add small quantities in anything that you are cooking - hot coffee in the morning, or a breakfast smoothie on-the-go. 

    I generally prefer cashew milk over other nut milks. It's easier to digest, and doesn't require the same pre-soaking time. If you are curious, I recently wrote an article for on how to make a fresh almond milk, and i uploaded a creamy cashew milk recipe to instagram recently too. One thing I have learnt from preparing nut milk at home, is that home-made versions of any nut milk will generally be thicker and creamier than store-bought options due to the greater proportion of nuts - water ratio when you prepare it at home. 


    Preserved nut milk: 

    700ml nut milk of choice (I used my creamy cashew milk recipe)

    2 tablespoons collagen powder

    1 tablespoon gelatin powder


    You will need: 

    silicone moulds or glass jars (see note) 


    Place half the milk in a medium or large saucepan and add the gelatin and collagen powder. Increase the heat to hot - but not boiling - and whisk well for a good five minutes. 

    Remove from heat and add in the remaining liquid.  Immerse a handheld blender into the saucepan and blend to form a smooth liquid with no lumps. 

    While warm, pour liquid into silicon moulds or glass jars and freeze.

    Note ~ for smaller quantities, with creamier milk, I prefer using the silicone moulds. For larger quantities, where the milk is less thick, medium-sized glass jars work well. When using glass - make sure you leave a good inch at the top for the liquid to expand when frozen.